From Frog to Swan

It’s my son’s first day at day care.

This shouldn’t be nearly as nerve-wracking as it is, considering I WORK AT HIS DAYCARE. No, seriously, I share a window with his classroom. I can literally see him at any point in the day. Nonetheless, I’m anxious as I load him into his car seat and he gnaws his Sophie the Giaraffe unknowingly.  

His sister is in a mood.  As we drive past the turn that would take us to gramma’s house, she sounds off in the backseat.

“Um. Where are we going?” She lisps through her lose front tooth.

“We’re going to school.”

“But baby Weston is still here. You forgot to take him to gramma’s.”

“No, Scout, remember? We talked about it last night. He’s going to school today too.”

It should give you a clue into her personality that I felt the need to talk the baby’s schedule over with her the night before.

“Oh. Right.” *paused for thought and possibly dramatic effect* “Well, I don’t think he should go to school.”

“Huh. Well, I’m sorry you feel that way, but gramma is out of town so he has to go to school. There’s no where else for him to go while I’m at work.”

“You could keep him home.”

It may sound like a suggestion, but let me be clear, it is not.

“Nope, I can’t. I have to go to work.”

“But he’s going to need you! He’s just a baby!”

This is not helping my anxiety.

“He’s going to be so well taken care of,” I assure her. “He won’t miss me at all. He will be so busy playing!”

“If you don’t take him home, I’m going to turn you into a frog!”

That escalated quickly. 

“I don’t think that will solve your problem.”

“Well, I’ll wait until you’re done driving me to school and then I’ll turn you into a frog so I don’t get killed!”

That’s some solid forward thinking right there. 

“I’m sorry you’re upset with me. He’s really going to be fine.”

What followed was ten minutes of the silent treatment, which was GLORIOUS. When we got to school, I had her come into the room with her brother and greet the teachers. She inspected the toys and threw some serious shade toward another toddler who made a move like he might take the toy West was holding, but after a few minutes walked out with me while her brother played.

“See? Not so bad?” I said, smiling and nudging her a bit.

“It’s fine. I’ll turn you into a swan instead.” 

That’s all I needed. Just a little upgrade from frog to swan. Today’s gonna be great.

2 thoughts on “From Frog to Swan

  1. Wynetta Jackson-Bradley says:

    It’s so wonderful that baby Weston has such a caring big sister. Let her know she will always be a Swan. And how was baby Weston’s first day at daycare? Did he make new friends?

    Liked by 1 person

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