It breaks upon her

wave by wave it brings and takes

Life is coming

She wants to please it,

wants to see it dance and splash,

wants to feel the purposeful pressure and pride

But it is to much

Her feet give way

She has slipped under

Her movements jerk and twist  as violence flies from her throat

she cannot breathe

effervescence taunting her with air too scarce to make useful

She is thrashing now

not to escape

only to breathe

Why can’t she do as others do

Why do they glide along the crests as she is swallowed whole

she begins to let go

admitting to herself that she cannot

and as her fists turn to hands once more

remembers she must let go to swim

She rises

as she watches the girl sink beyond her view

beyond her memory

Any moment now you will see her

She will break upon the surface with her new love in her arms

her delicate tresses now a mane and unpolished toes commanding currents

and she will brave the tides and combers

as you wonder what became of the girl

that danced in the ocean but came home

with the world tucked contently at her breast

For she is not the same as she was

wave by wave it brings and takes.