You found me. You might be wondering what divine wisdom led you to this page, but the important thing is that you’re here now, and there’s something I want you to know.

You might be a parent, and that’s amazing because you are exactly why I’m here.  You are working as hard as you can and loving the best you know how, and you’re still dealing with sass mouth and sour milk. I get it. You’re welcome here. You’re understood here. High five.

You might be a single or married friend have absolutely no interest in ever having children. That’s cool, too, and I’m here for you too.  There’s a lot about mothering that applies to many different walks of life, and it seems reasonable to assume that you could glean potentially valuable information, dare I say life lessons, from hanging out in this messy corner of the Internet.

Oh, it’s going to be messy.  I mean, kids for one are messy, but also grown ups. We (especially parents) act like we have our shit together but 8/10 we are completely winging it.  You know this. You’re a grown up.

What I’m working to create is a space that allows for the messy.  Somewhere you can see other people’s mess and realize you are cool with yours.  Maybe even be able to hear the perspectives of others and widen your view of the world.  I’m learning too. I’m hoping to hear stories from you as well.  We are our stories. We live and breathe and dream in stories. We need them to survive and to spark our humanity. But don’t worry, messes can be fun. This is going to be fun.

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